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Guide to Tick Prevention and Control



The first thing to do if you want to protect yourself and your pets against ticks is to keep them away. You should build a fence to help keep away animals that are host to ticks, and keep them away from your lawn. Use repellent as well as traps to keep smaller rodents away from your property.


If you want to keep your pet tick-free, you don't have to do the cat flea treatment full time. you should start by prohibiting your pet from going into tall vegetation or playing in foliage because these are places where ticks usually hide. You can also use a tick poison or tick repellent. You can find many all-natural oils that get rid of ticks like geranium, eucalyptus, peppermint, clove, neem, citrus and the best shield against them, garlic. You can rub these repellents on your pet. Put a few droplets behind the skull as well as one or two drops on the lower back before going outdoors. You can also make these natural oils into sprays in your home.


There are many good commercially available herbal items to apply on your pet like natural pet drops or sprays, and pure neem oil. There are various good external chemical type solutions also. You can also use tick collars at this website. They are very effective. Or, you can try an oral tick killer. You just need to feed your pet the flavorful snack one time each month. Then you can also use shampoo that kills ticks. You should brush their coat after washing to remove all dislodged ticks before they are able to reattach themselves to your pet.


You can put a few drops of you all natural tick repellent around the cuffs before going on an outing to protect yourself. Tuck your trousers into your socks or utilize gators to help keep ticks outside of your clothes. Maximum potency repellents are also very effective against ticks. If you spray your garments with anti-tick spray, they will be eradicated on contact. This should not be used directly on the skin. You can also use bug and tick resistant clothes. These products appeal to a lot of people.


So to be able to rid your home of ticks, you should create an environment that is unfriendly towards ticks around your home. You should not use repellents or poison to yourself, your pets, your yard or home. If your pets have ticks, use tick shampoo to kill any existing ticks on them. Apply more repellent. These easy steps should give you a healthy tick-free home.